How To Find The Right FAQ

Get Code

All Apache code is in our Subversion or Git repositories. How to Setup SVN or Git access.

Contact Us

Everything happens on our mailing lists. Find the right list to use. Technical questions always go to a project's dev@ list. Or, ask cross-project questions. Read all Apache mail archives.

Legal Questions

Apache software uses the Apache License, version 2.0. Questions? Contact the Legal Affairs Committee. Apache PMCs with specific questions: open a LEGAL Jira.

Press, Analysts, Journalists

Corporate Governance

Infrastructure Team

The crack Apache Infrastructure team runs everything, and protects our servers from rogue gnomes; you can contact Infra here.

The Apache Way

Learn about The Apache Way, our community-led consensus behaviors that make Apache projects so efficient and long-lived, or view presentations about the ApacheWay.

Donate Today

Our non-profit relies on individual Donors and annual Sponsors for ourfunding and budgets. Donate today! (Often tax-deductible in the US!)

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